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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hello Friends......

This is a home made blog.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Add Custom mod In Vice City and other Gta parts.

How to Add Custom mod In Vice City.

Hello Friends....

Today I am going to tell you how you can add custom cars, Places, People etc into gta vice city.

You can use the same method for san Andreas and other gta parts.

but first backup your game (Go to Gta folder and copy two folder named "Models" and "data" cus we are going to tweak in these folders)

First you need to download a tool known as "Imgtool". Link is

Then download any mod. But if this is first time then start with cars, or bikes cus they are easy.

Here is an easy mod Of PCJ600.A bike of Vice City.

When you have downloaded the mod (extract if in .rar or .zip format) see the file.

Then open Imgtool.

Click on "File" menu and click on "open".

Now navigate to the folder in which you have Gta installed.

Then find a folder named "Models"

And then there should be a file named "gta3.img"

Open it.

You should see many file names in Imgtool.

Now I am going to add mod of PCJ600 as an example. (Link is above)

Then click on "Edit" and then "Find"

Now see the files which you want to replace.

Here I have "PCJ600.txd" and "PCJ600.dff"

So, search the names of the files one by one

Now we have to replace the old files with new one.

So delete the old ones. Click on "Command" and then "delete"

And again click on "command" and then click on "ADD".

Select the new files one by one (which are “PCJ600.txd” and “PCJ600.dff” new ones)

Then click on "Command" and click on "Rebuild Archive".

Now you must have a text file too.

In that text file you will find the lines which you have to copy in "handling.cfg" and default.ide" which are located in the "data" folder in your Gta folder.

Go to “data” folder.

And open handling.cfg file in notepad or any other word editing software.

And find the line which have the vehicle name in its starting here I want to find a line which start with "bike".

Find it and replace the whole line with the new one.

Do the same with the default.ide file (open with notepad)

But this time you have to find a number given in our txt file.

Here we have "191" so find a line which starts with "191" and replace the whole line with the new one.

And save it.

Now start the game a find a "PCJ600".

You can see a whole new PCJ600 bike.

Different in speed, look, breaks everything....


Didn’t Get It watch the video.

Nice skins for Gta Vice City.

Nice skins for Gta Vice City.

How to Apply Skins in GTA Vice city and GTA 3

Apply custom skins in vice city.
Download skins from net and put them in the “skins” folder which is located in your gta folder if it is not there create one for your self. And open the game go to “options”. And “player skins” and select any one. And you are done. This method can also be done with Gta 3 .Enjoy…..

Monday, 17 October 2011

GTA Vice City Tips and Tricks

Vice City
How to get Money Easiest way.
Way 1
Enter “PANZER” to spawn a tank or find any police vehicle. Start the vigilance mission and get out of the tank and then enter “BIGBANG” to blow all vehicle. Your tank will be blown too with the vehicle you are said to destroy and your mission will be completed. So, again enter “PANZER” to spawn another tank get in it and your time will be restarted so you can do the whole process again. The more times you do this the more money you will get.

Way 2
Enter “PANZER” to spawn a tank or find any police vehicle. Start the vigilance mission and get out of your vehicle but before entering bigbang store your vehicle in one of your safe house garage and then enter “BIGBANG” to blow all vehicles. Your vehicle will not be blown but the vehicle you are said to destroy will be destroyed and your mission will be completed. So, you don’t have to enter “PANZER” to spawn another tank all you have to do is enter in the vehicle which you have store in your garage and your time will be restarted so you can do the whole process again with same vehicle in less time. The more times you do this the more money you will get.

How fly as high as you want in vehicle.

You are going to need a tank. You can spawn it by entering “PANZER”. And find a straight road (like airport runway or ocean beach). Now once you are inside tank turn your turret backward. So, as you fire your tank fire backwards and you gain speed keep firing backwards until you have enough speed. Once you think that you’ve got enough speed enter “COMEFLYWITHME” as a result your tank will start flying. But don’t stop firing. Keep firing for more speed and height. In this way you can gain as much height as you want. Enjoy…..

GTA VICE CITY Cheat codes.

Vice City Cheat Codes

Start the game and type any one of these cheats when playing the game or while the game is paused.

Weapons and Health

  THUGSTOOLS                                                         Weapon set 1
  PROFESSIONALTOOLS                                        Weapon set 2
  NUTTERTOOLS                                                      Weapon set 3
  PRECIOUSPROTECTION                                       Max Amour
  ASPIRINE                                                                 Max Health
Police and wanted levels

  YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE                                  Raise wanted level by 2 stars
  LEAVEMEALONE                                                   Reset Wanted Level
  CHASESTAT                                                            Show media level status


 APLEASANTDAY                                                    Partly Cloudy Weather
  ALOVELYDAY                                                        Sunny Weather
  ABITDRIEG                                                              Cloudy Foggy Weather
  CATSANDDOGS                                                     Stormy Weather
  CANTSEEATHING                                                  Foggy Weather
Vehicles / Cars

  LIFEISPASSINGMEBY                                           Speed up Clock of game (Time)
  BIGBANG                                                                 Blow Up all cars
  WHEELSAREALLINEED                                        Invisible Cars
  COMEFLYWITHME                                                Cars can fly
  GRIPISEVERYTHING                                             Improve Car handling
  GREENLIGHT                                                          Every signal light is green
  MIAMITRAFFIC                                                      Aggressive Drivers everywhere
  AHAIRDRESSERSCAR                                           All cars turn into pink color
  IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK                                    All cars turn into black color
  TRAVELINSTYLE                                                   Spawn Bloodring Banger
  THELASTRIDE                                                         Spawn
  ROCKANDROLLCAR                                            Spawn lovefist
  RUBBISHCAR                                                          Spawn Trashmaster
  GETTHEREFAST                                                     spawn Sabre Turbo
  BETTERTHANWALKING                                       Spawn Cabbie 
  GETTHEREQUICKLY                                             Spawn Bloodring Banger 2
  GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED                             Spawn Hotring Racer
  GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST                              Spawn Hotring Racer 2
  PANZER                                                                   Spawn Tank (Rhino)
  SEAWAYS                                                               Cars can float over water
  LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS                                     Sports cars have big wheels
  HOPINGIRL                                                             Girls get in your cars
  AIRSHIP                                                                   Boats can fly

Player and GameplayCheats

  LIFEISPASSINGMEBY                                           Speed up Clock of game (Time)
  STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP                                       Change Clothes
  FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT                                                Every body starts Fighting
  LIFEISPASSINGMEBY                                           Speed up Clock of game (Time)
  NOBODYLIKESME                                                Everybody start hitting you
  OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS                Everybody Has Arms
  ONSPEED                                                                Speed up Gameplay
  BOOOOOORING                                                    Slow Down Gameplay
  CHICKSWITHGUNS                                               Girls Carry Guns
  ICANTTAKEITANYMORE                                     Commit suicide, Instant Death
  LOOKLIKELANCE                                                 Turns your Player into Lance
  MYSONISALAWYER                                             Turns your Player into Ken rosnberg
  ILOOKLIKEHILARY                                               Turns your player into Hilary
  ROCKANDROLLMAN                                           Turns your player into Lovefist char.
  ONEARMEDBANDIT                                              Turns your player into Phil Cassidy
  IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY                        Turns your player into Sonny
  FOXYLITTLETHING                                               Turns your player into Mercedes
  WELOVEOURDICK                                                Turns your player into Love fist 2
  CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED                            Turns your player into Diaz
  DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS                                         Turns your player Fat
  PROGRAMMER                                                       Turns your player thin
  FANNYMAGNET                                                    Girls start coming towards you
  CERTAINDEATH                                                     player starts smoking

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